Faces & Masks

Part 1.
Draw three faces. Experiment with simplification and abstraction.
What elements are necessary to recognize a face?

1. Draw a face with a strong emotion.
2. Draw a face in which all elements have been replaced by objects.
3. Draw the face of someone you would not like to meet in a dark alley at night.


Part 2.
Make a three dimensional mask resembling a friendly or scary alien/monster.

Mask by Fiona.
Mask by Selly.
Mask by Lucia.
Mask by Cecilia.
Mask by Chelly.
Mask by Qin.
Mask by Lucy.
Mask by Cc.
Mask by Lee.
Mask by Karen.
Mask by Haixin.
Mask by Molly.
Mask by Isabella.
Mask by Gillan.